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"I am thinking of you. What else can I say?"
- Margaret Atwood, excerpt from “Postcards” (via figs3)

(Source: teenager90s, via figs3)

Anonymous: Hi Jillian, I've been following your blog for a long time now, and you seem very very sweet, and your followers obviously love you. I have a very selfish request for you. Most of my followers are just icky porn blogs, but I've posted something I really need shared. It's very important to me. Can you help me? 

i can sure try

Anonymous: I'm really scared, I'm addicted to opiates (oxy and heroin) and I'm scared of dying or fucking my body up but I'm also scared of getting clean I feel like such a fucking failure 

come off anon i overcame that drug addiction i can help you. what’s really important is deleting your drug contacts number and maybe even changing yours so they can’t get a hold of you. you have to cut off anyone you’ve been doing drugs with and maybe even delete your facebook so you have no other way of getting them, it’s so, so important to get rid of everyone you know you can get drugs from. and it’s going to be really hard to stop but you know you have a problem and you know you need to stop to start living a healthier lifestyle and that’s already getting you halfway there you’re doing well already

Anonymous: what's your music taste like? 

god i like music anywhere from mobb deep to minus the bear, i really like bands like empire of the sun, foster the people, baths, tycho, portishead, oOoOO, shlohmo, lykke li, lana del rey, grizzly bear, kendrick lamar, caribou, circa survive, anthony green, drake, cut copy, the knife, marina and the diamonds, tove lo, twenty one pilots, sage francis, two door cinema, trey songz, zhu, lido, tegan and sara, arctic monkeys, the temper trap, twin shadow, a$ap rocky, earl sweatshirt okay and a ton more i don’t know i like a lot of music

Anonymous: Hey I am a dude and I am looking for a dildo. Something I can fuck and not just stick up there like a butt plug. Being waterproof is a must. Thank you!! 

here you go!!!