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"You will always run away with her. You will always lose her. You will always be a fool. You have already done all of this and will do it again."
- Catherynne M. Valente  (via ruby-moon)

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"and i said to my body. softly. ‘i want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath. and replied, ‘i have been waiting my whole life for this.’"
- nayyirah waheed (via shoujobot)

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Anonymous: Can you suggest a small vibrator for clit stimulation? Also, if I buy something does the packaging say anything about your store on the outside? I don't want anyone in my family to know what I'm buying and see it in the mailbox lol 

here’s a glass 10 function vibe and it just says it’s coming from an “online store”

"I think I might always be in some kind of love with you."
- F. Cabanes (via stevenbong)

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"Once you realize that the road is the goal and that you are always on the road, not to reach a goal, but to enjoy its beauty and its wisdom, life ceases to be a task and becomes natural and simple, in itself, an ecstasy."
- Nisargadatta Maharaj (via dissenting)

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