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Jillian is my new store (18+)
message me for all discounts, questions and concerns.

if we’re mutuals and you have Skype gimmie your username i just had to remake a new one

Anonymous: How much of a difference is there from the smallest bodywand to the blue plug in? I have the smallest one and i find it really strong but not strong enough to make my cum 

the blue plug in is by far my favorite it’s super strong and has a lot of different settings 

Anonymous: I'm sorry. I'm not usually one for that 'rush to the popular girls defense' thing. But I legit watch you answer questions about your shop as well as very personal questions with patience and a sense of humor all freaking day, every freaking day. You have the constitution of a saint and it's totally impressive. Saying your surprised by people coming to you is incredibly humble and self-deprecating and not at all you being rude. 

thank you i love you. 

negis: what happened when you got stuck in a shroom trip for three months?? 

okay so i was 16 and i was with a few people i didn’t really ever hang out with but they had extra shrooms and were going to do them that night so i hung around and took some shrooms and then had to go home like an hour into tripping and my mom was crying to me about how i was getting older while i was tripping balls and everything was new and surreal like i couldn’t even work a cell phone and i just needed to get to my bed but once my trip was over i had a constant horrible panicked doomed feeling i could barely leave the house nothing felt real, complete depersonalization it was terrifying. i had to actually finish high school from home and after around four months with therapy and meds it suddenly stopped and now i feel more like a nihilist than anything but before i took shrooms i had serious, serious depression issues and that day when i finally felt like i had stopped “”tripping” my depression  was lifted from me and i never felt that low again so shrooms saved me from that but i would never do them again they taught me what they needed to

Anonymous: how did you go about opening your sex shop? i want to do something similar but don't know where to start 

you can start by signing up through my site here then talk to me from there

Anonymous: You're only 21?? I thought you would at least be a few years older. 

I turn 22 in less than two weeks

Anonymous: Oh. I'm sorry your life sucks then... 

Why would my life suck I make money by blogging in my pjs all day

people keep asking me for life advice while i’m sitting here in the same pj’s ive worn all day smoking a bowl listening to lana del rey like my life is falling apart over here lmao “21 year old college dropout who owns a sex shop gives amazing life advice to bloggers” i can see it now

"No, fuck you. I was worth it."
- and I’m still worth it // R.R.  (via elauxe)

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