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this fucking song 

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who wants to meet up and lives in long island 

"I woke up in the morning and I didn’t want anything, didn’t do anything, couldn’t do it anyway, just lay there listening to the blood rush
through me and it never made any sense, anything."
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yo i am going through a mental breakdown and will be in new york w family for an undisclosed amount of time so don’t send me messages i won’t be replying i want to kill myself lol

Anonymous: Where in NY will you be? 

Long Island

Anonymous: I hope you have a fantastic trip to New York!! 

Thank you baby

Anonymous: I'm sitting across from you... hi!!! 

You should have said hi

i’m going to be visiting new york to see my family this week so i won’t be on as much or able to answer many questions, i love you guys !! !! !

Anonymous: hi i was wondering which of the clit lickers is the best? also do you have any discounts going right now? please and thank you x 

no discounts at the moment baby but i like this one