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Jillian is my new store (18+)
message me for all discounts, questions and concerns.

Anonymous: what's a good, really strong clit stimulator? and would you recommend getting a toy just for clit stimulation, or one that also penetrates? 

this is the best vibrator in the store in my opinion for both purposes

and get it for 10% off with discount word “cod”

Anonymous: is it ok to sign up for a dirty store with a nickname (instead of my full real name) as long as all the other information is there and legit? (There's nothing wrong with it, I'd be proud to own a sex store; but I'd prefer it if my name wasn't attached to the store. For both comfort reasons and later job opportunity reasons) 

as long as you use your real SSN for tax purposes then sure

Anonymous: Im not a virgin, but i dont have alot of sex. I really want something i maybe stick on my shower wall and well... To put it bluntly fuck the shit out of it help lol 

shower suction dildo kit

Anonymous: you are an inspiration, seriously. you've made me feel infinitely more comfortable with my own sexuality. i adore you. 

baby come take a bath w me

Anonymous: ya i wish. harry and marion are killing me 


Anonymous: That last anon was lovely. I personally think it's a huge compliment to be called an old soul. 

i agree

Anonymous: Hey how mcuh is hopping to canada 

you decide that at checkout

Anonymous: me and my girlfriend are lesbians and we want a strapon that vibrates but the harness does too so it also feels good for her wearing it, and kinda small maybe 4" NOT realistic looking at all, is this too specific/do you know what I mean? 

i have something like this for you

Anonymous: Hello Jillian! I was wondering, What is your Fav/most recommended set of nipple clamps? Something with a chain in between. I'm gonna treat myself to something nice for my birthday. Thank you! 

these are my favorite